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We are seeking adventurous, creative and talented teachers to make up our team in 2017/2018. Come join us at Prima Language School!

We are a leading private language school in the city of Levice, Slovakia focusing on teaching General English to all ages and levels in the afternoons. We also teach adults using the Direct Language Lab® method and all ages, from kindergarten to adults, using traditional methodologies.

We are looking for qualified TEACHERS OF ENGLISH.

We offer:
- A fulltime position with a business license
- A secure and competitive monthly salary
- An extra bonus for good work each year
- Basic teaching 24 hours a week – four days a week in the afternoons (Monday to Thursday) – free Fridays and all school holidays and bank   holidays (teaching 34 weeks a year in total)
- A possibility to work extra in summers and in the mornings (individual instruction and company teaching)
- A stable, secure and quality working environment with helpful colleagues and heads
- Material and methodological support
- Rewarding work with people
- A possibility of promotion from Junior to Senior and Master positions
- Fun events with students and colleagues (Halloween party, Christmas party etc.)

The successful applicant will:
- Have a university diploma with English as the language of study or extensive experience.
- Be native speaker of English
- Have a proven practical background in teaching English (a university course in methodology, a certificate in English language teaching from a   recognized CELTA or TESOL certifier or real world experience)
- Have an energetic commitment to and enthusiasm for teaching English to all ages and levels
- Have strong communication and people skills
- Be dynamic and charismatic
- Be able to motivate people
- Have organizational and administrative skills
- Be flexible, responsible and reliable at work
- Be willing to improve his/her methodology skills
- Have the ability to cooperate with colleagues
- Have a clear criminal record check
- Experience is preferred

If you are interested in working with our school, send your CV and cover letter to: Daniel Goodall (Head Teacher) at dannygoodall@live.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Native speakers are also welcome. Due to restrictions on immigration and licensing requirements, we can only accept applicants with citizenship in an EU country OR native speakers from a country where the official language is English OR people who can prove residency of at least 10 years in a country where English is the official language. Please highlight which of these situations applies to you or your application will not be considered.

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